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Electric vehicle owners who are members of Source London or Source East can now roam between the capital and the East of England secure in the knowledge they will be able to charge their vehicles across both schemes. They now have easier access to around 940 charge points throughout London and Eastern England.

An agreement between electric vehicle charging networks Source London and Source East means that members of both schemes will be able to use the other’s charge points free of charge and have access to around 940 charge points throughout London and the East England.

Source London, a consortium of 50 public and private partners has 810 charge points throughout the capital with plans to increase that to 1300 in 2013. Source East covers the East of England region and includes the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex together with Peterborough, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, Luton, Thurrock and Southend. Currently with 132 charge points, Source East aspires to have 800 publicly accessible charge points – one within 25 miles of all businesses and residents in the Eastern counties.

Nick Fairholme, TfL Director for Source London said: “We are pleased to be able to offer this service to our members. London is leading the way in providing charge points for owners of electric vehicles. The growth in the electric vehicle market is very encouraging and by building the infrastructure to support these vehicles, we expect them to become even more accessible. London’s charge point network guarantees our members are never far away from a point. This arrangement between Source London and Source East means they can now comfortably travel outside London also safe in the knowledge that they are never too far from a charge point.”

Keith Bevis, Managing Director for EValu8, the company that manages the Source East programme, said: “Working to make electric car charging points more accessible to all our members is something that we are very passionate about, especially with the heritage the East of England has for developing green transport solutions. The roaming scheme means we will be able to continue to support and help motorists travel in a sustainable way.”

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Nominations are being accepted for the Low Carbon Champion Awards 2012.

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, (LowCVP), exists to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels. It also aims to create opportunities for UK businesses.

There are nine categories for the Low Carbon Champions Awards, reflecting the diversity of those engaged in encouraging the shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels.

The awards are open to any UK business, organisation or individual that has made a significant contribution to accelerating the shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels or reducing road transport greenhouse gas emissions through other approaches.

Enter online by 23rd November 2012. Not ready this year? Not ready this year? Perhaps Evalu8 can help you become a contender next year?

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Plug & Move is a new smartphone app and website designed to help electric car owners, and those thinking of buying an electric car, get the best from their zero-emissions experience.

It’s been made as part of a co-operation between AXA Assistance, EDF, Europcar, Navteq, and Schneider and features all of the our zero-emissions electric cars, including the Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE, Fluence Z.E and Kangoo Z.E.

Initially available for the French market, Plug & Move will be rolled out to other markets imminently.

Available for both Android and Apple smartphones, as well as on the internet, Plug & Move is designed firstly to be an education tool, giving the car-buying public information on how electric cars really work, and debunking some of the popular, but wrong, ideas about range and recharging issues.

There are coaching systems within the app that can help drivers get the most from the electric experience, including maximising battery range and minimising charging times. It will also help users find the nearest available charging point and their car dealers and retailers in their area who specialise in EVs.

Plug & Move is initially available for the French market, but will be rolled out to other markets in the very near future.

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Firstly, some food for thought… do you really need to buy a car? If you don’t travel often or long distances you may not need to buy a car. Other types of transport could be just as convenient and could save you money. Car clubs, car sharing and public transport may be realistic options to consider.

If you definitely need to buy a car, always think about fuel efficiency.  Buying the most fuel efficient car in its class could save you up to three months’ worth of fuel per year. More efficient cars use less fuel, pay less car tax and emit lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

The fuel economy of similar sized cars using the same type of fuel can vary by as much as 45%. Even different versions of the same model can be different, so check the fuel economy label. Also, the more efficient the car is, the less road tax you will pay.

Consider cars that user greener fuels, such as electricity, bio-fuels and LPG. A Plug-In Car Grant is available to help with the cosy of buying eligible cars that run on certain greener fuels. Contact us for details – we can help with transport planning and provide the latest information on grants.


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Source East and green energy uk partnership

A leading supplier of sustainable energy in the UKGreen Energy UK – has announced a partnership with Source East, the East of England’s electric vehicle recharging network.

This exciting alliance aims to have 800 publicly accessible charging points, one within 25 miles of all businesses and residents in the Eastern counties. This will help motorists become more eco-friendly and make use of environmentally sound alternatives.  

As part of the partnership, Green Energy UK will be offering members of the Source East charging network discounted home electricity that comes from green sources, to charge their electric vehicles overnight when at home.  

Source East currently has a network of 195 charging bays installed, with an additional 88 bays in construction. Publically accessible points appear on an interactive map on the Source East website. Any vehicle that is licenced with the DVLA as a pure electric or a plug-in hybrid vehicle is able to join Source East through a yearly membership scheme.

Click here to register as a Source East member and start saving!


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