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Electric Car Schemes: an excellent way to try driving green. These clubs offer the chance to hire Electric Vehicles by the hour, or by the day. Experience the performance, range and charging process for yourself. Enjoy the cost savings too! It’s the perfect way to ‘try before you buy’.

Talk to the team at EValu8 about how you could get involved: we’ll have the contacts and financial grants information that could help you.

An electric car club has recently launched in Milton Keynes, offering residents and businesses the chance to hire one of five 100% electric Nissan LEAF cars for around £5.50 an hour. Businesses are able to block book in advance and enjoy a 20% discount.

Five more clubs are already planned, with the aim of an eventual nationwide network.

Contact us to find out more and get involved!

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Registrations of electric vehicles will increase its share to 7% of new vehicle shares by 2020, according to the European Commission’s CARS 2020 Action Plan. This Plan reinforces the effectiveness of Electric Vehicles as a sustainable transport choice despite only 11,000 EU sales in 2011.

The Commission proposes a massive innovative push by streamlining research and innovation, co-operation with the European Investment Bank and an EU standard recharging interface.  These steps are intended to provide the regulatory certainty needed to facilitate a breakthrough for large scale electric car production.

Within the report by, European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, said: “Europe produces the best cars in the world. The Commission wants this leadership to be maintained, moving even further ahead in safety and environmental performance.”

The Action Plan proposes four main themes of policy initiatives:

  • Investing in advanced technologies and financing innovation
  • Stronger internal market and smart regulation
  • Global markets and the international harmonisation of vehicle regulations
  • Anticipating adaptation and softening the social impacts of industrial adjustments

In order to monitor the implementation of the policies announced and continue the dialogue with the stakeholders, a dedicated process will be established called “CARS 2020”, to be launched in 2013. Electric Vehicles are going from strength to strength!

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On Tuesday 6th November the University of Hertfordshire hosted an event for the British Institute of Facilities Managers, which was sponsored by EValu8 and ElectrAssure. Facilities managers are responsible for many of the buildings and services which support businesses and other types of organisations, as such they are ideally placed to be able transform places and people to become more ‘green’ and to run a sustainable site.

Evalu8 presented alongside ElectrAssure on a segment about sustainable transport, specifically electric vehicles (EVs).  The benefits of using an EV were given alongside practical issues around installing charging points on a site.  Attendees also had the opportunity to view some EVs, including the Renault Kangoo, Toyota Prius and the Vauxhall Ampera (car of the year 2012).  We were lucky that despite it being cold it wasn’t raining!

The University has been busy implementing changes to ensure they run a sustainable site and working hard at becoming an exemplar in running large sustainable green campuses.  University staff from various areas presented on how to set up a travel plan for your site, embedding sustainability across operations, managing food waste and recycling, greening ICT and behaviour change.  The attendees had plenty of laughs on the subject of how unobservant people can be and if you would like to see some examples then look for Richard Wiseman, a UH psychologist, on YouTube.  Why is this so relevant I hear you ask? Well if you haven’t realised the light is switched on you won’t think to turn it off!

The event was a big success with full attendance and a great atmosphere. Everyone found the topics both interesting and relevant, when leaving the event they were already planning how they could implement some of these changes into their area of work too!

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Sustainable Transport 2012: Enabling Sustainable Choices Conference and Exhibition was held in London on 31st October.  It was the 3rd Annual National Conference which has as its focus the sustainable development of our transport sector in the UK.  Delegates arrived at the conference on various modes of sustainable transport, including half the EValu8 team in their EV hybrid.

EValu8 were a key sponsor of the event and we were proud to have provided an opportunity for the very worthwhile discussions and debates surrounding sustainable transport.

Dr Keith Bevis from EVaul8 presented on EVs, both their benefits and limitations and the role they can play.  You can listen to Keith’s talk by looking at the media links towards the foot of this Sustainable Transport 2012 webpage.

Other key speakers presented extremely interesting talks around other areas of transport and it was a great day to see how we can and are moving towards being a country with a sustainable transport system.

Sustainable transport impacts on so many areas of our lives and is summed up by key speaker Norman Baker MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport; “By Providing people with options to choose sustainable modes for everyday, local transport choices, we can help boost economic growth by facilitating access to local jobs. Sustainable Transport can also influence the quality of our lives, the air we breathe, how healthy and fit we are, the money in our pockets and how long we spend in traffic queues – as well as the pleasantness of our environment and public spaces”.

Russell Fenner and Julie Trindade staffed the EValu8 exhibition stand and were very pleased with the positive response and the interest around EVs.  We look forward to developing ideas from the pioneering projects discussed on the day.

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