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E-volo’s Volocopter is a revolution in aviation. EV News reports that the first test flights were conducted on Sunday 17th November.
Made in Germany, the Volocopter is safer, simpler, and cleaner than normal helicopters.

It has a unique way of moving – a ground-breaking innovation. The Volocopter is an environmentally friendly and emission-free private helicopter. Instead of one combustion engine, eighteen electrically driven rotors propel it.

Have a look at the first flight here.

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Ford Focus Electric

The sale of Electric Vehicles in the UK achieved an all-time high in the third quarter of 2013.

The number of new registrations helped by the Government’s grant scheme reached 1,149.

This is the biggest sales figure for a quarter period since the scheme began in January 2011.

Sales have been rising steadily with one exception of a drop during the first quarter of this year. Despite the slow start for the EV market, momentum is picking up… UK sales of EVs rose by 25% this summer taking the total to the highest number recorded for any quarter.

This year, stalwart EVs the Nissan Leaf and Vauxhall Ampera have been joined by many EV choices from leading car manufacturers. Electric versions of the VW Golf, Ford Focus and Renault Zoe plus the BMW i3 have all been launched this year.

Many manufacturers have placed national media advertising for their EVs including Toyota, BMW and Nissan. Greater awareness and choice have contributed to the increased popularity of driving green, alongside the original and still current benefits of reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

Evalu8 is pleased to be involved with grant schemes contributing to:

– the cost of an Electric Vehicle

EV charging point purchase and installation

developing innovative ideas for the low carbon transport sector

Application is straightforward and our team is on hand to assist you. Please contact us to discuss it further or raise any queries. We’re here to help.

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Yes – you read this correctly. Milton Keynes in Bucks will pilot driverless cars in 2015 – the first ever seen on Britain’s streets.

The vehicles will run between the station and city centre shops, servicing offices between the two points.

The 100 electric pod devices will travel along special lanes on the pavement at up to 12mph. These dedicated areas may be removed if the pilot goes well.

Each pod can carry two people plus luggage and will cost just £2 a ride. The vehicles will have integrated sensors to ensure that they avoid collisions with objects, including pedestrians! London Heathrow airport introduced a similar system in May 2011 involving 21 pods running on dedicated tracks. The Milton Keynes pilot is therefore much bigger and more ambitious.

Electric Vehicle News reports that the pilot will begin in 2015 with expansion over the following two years. The scheme will run until 2020, costing £65million. It has the full support of Business Secretary Vince Cable and Higher Education minister David Willets.

If you would like to find out more about the potential of electric vehicles and possible funding support, please contact us.

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