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London’s iconic black cabs are turning green.

Metrocab boasts an average fuel economy of 75mpg and a range of more than 50 miles, Charged magazine reports London’s cabbies will save an average of £30 – £40 per day.

Metrocab Chairman Sir Charles Masefield. “Instantly recognisable as an iconic London Hackney Cab, with a panoramic glass roof for views of the city, our new all-British London cab offers, for no price premium, completely new levels of economy, emissions and passenger comfort and is ready to enter service this year, benefitting the passenger, driver, city and environment alike.”

Following the market trials this year, the Metrocab will be rolled out in London and other cities in the UK and internationally.

Read the full Charged article here.

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In six months, a pair of Electric Vehicles drove an average 38,502km. This is more than any other Electric Vehicle in the world has done in such a similarly short time.

The GreenWay EVs were deployed into the usual working environment of Med-art, a licensed distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Slovakia.


GreenWay light commercial vehicles running purely on electric power were used during all working days in the first half of 2013, without a single interruption.

Analysing fleet usage during and after the six month pilot, GreenWay noted that use of fleet vehicles increased as running costs were so low. There were virtually no barriers that would hinder their full utilisation, plus the EVs were readily accepted by employees.

GreenWay EVs are specifically aimed at B2B customers who use vans and drive the distances at which the electric car is economically the best choice. Rather than purchasing the EV, clients may a monthly fee which covers all vehicle, charging infrastructure and running costs as well as driver training.

The scheme involves battery swapping rather than recharging, saving valuable time.

Based in Bratislava, this revolutionary way of introducing EVs to corporate fleets is definitely one to watch!

To read more about GreenWay, click here. Evalu8 offers incentives to help with the purchase of EVs for your business plus the installation of charging points. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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This event is an EV market and charging unit information update, jointly hosted by EValu8 and Group Horizon.

The breakfast meeting is the first in a series of events outlining the latest updates and news in the EV market.

Taking places on 30th January, this free event will cover two main themes:


1. An overview of the key developments in the EV market  in the last few months.

2. Specific updates in the Code of Practice for EV Charging Point installations, (of particular interest to installers of charging points).

Whilst the first discussion is more general, delegates are welcome to attend both talks.

Those not wishing to hear the second presentation talk are welcome to continue networking separately.

Event agenda:

8-8.30 – Arrival and breakfast

8.30-9 – EV market update and overview

9-9.45 – Code of practice updates

9.45 – 10.30 – Networking and advice surgery around EV installations

Click here to register or contact EValu8 for more details.

See you on 30th January!


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Keith's iPad 020



2013 was a busy year for the EV world. Sales and choice both increased significantly.

Nissan was definitely the EV market leader. It achieved over half of all EV sales in the UK between 2010 and 2013. It’s gaining strength in the US too, outselling Tesla last month and just 500 units away from the top sales figure for the year.

So what can we expect in 2014? Even More Choice.

Yes, Nissan has the strongest market position. But – last year saw the launch of several EV models from major manufacturers: BMW, Ford, VW, Porsche and more. With mainstream advertising working to promote these EVs, (adverts appearing on television for BMW, Nissan and radio adverts for Toyota), they’ll become a more familiar option.

Nearly all the major car manufacturers have an EV option in their range. Models launching this year include:

  • - Kia Soul
  • - VW Golf e-Motion
  • - Tesla Model S (with the longest official range of any EV: 310 miles)

Plus, look out for these exciting hybrids:

  • - BMW i8
  • - VW XL1
  • - Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

EVs are cheap to run… hugely economical with no road tax, lots of free parking and no congestion charge to pay. (The typical electricity cost to charge EVs is approximately £0.0310 per mile, compared to fuel costs of £0.1611 to run their petrol counterparts.)

Remember – there are huge financial incentives to consider when thinking about driving green. EValu8 can help with grants that contribute towards the cost of the vehicles and charging points. Ask us for details:

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