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Wireless Toyota

Toyota has announced that it has begun testing a wireless battery charging system.

The new technology will remove the need for cables and connectors.

Drivers need simply park their vehicle in alignment with a coil which would be inserted into the ground.


Practical elements such as interference with nearby equipment and issues caused by misalignment or varying coil heights have been included within the testing. In fact, Toyota has gone as far as to include the position of the transmitting coil within a parking space in the development of their Intelligent Parking Assist function.

Toyota is keen to bring this technology to market to encourage wider use of Electric Vehicles, increasing the public’s interest smart, easy to use and environmentally friendly mobility options.

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A report from HIS Automotive (the global information company) forecasts that the global production of Electric Vehicles will increase by 67% in 2014, (2013 saw a 44% increase).

This means that an estimated 403,000 pure electric and hybrid vehicles will be produced.


Two themes were seen as the major factors influencing this forecast:

  1. The tightening of Eurpoean emission standards, (influenced by the European Commission’s Euro 6 legislation). This week Rolls Royce announced that a hybrid vehicle is seen as an essential addition to its range within the next two years due to legislation.
  2. Manufacturers are producing appealing Electric Vehicles, such as the BMW i3 and the forthcoming i8,  for which demand has already outstripped planned production levels.

Complementing this forecast is the increased availability of public charging points – and charging option. Toyota is currently testing wireless charging and VW is developing a battery which should be up to four times as powerful as existing technology. These developments will help to reduce one of the biggest obstacles to ‘driving green’: range anxiety.

Cost has also been a prohibitive factor – the initial purchase, clearly not the running costs! With the inclusion of so many models increase consumer choice, the report also forecasts a decrease in the retail price of many EV models.

If you are looking to buy an Electric vehicle, talk to the team at EValu8 – we can access funding options which can help with the purchase of vehicles and installation of charging points.

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