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Nissan LEAF

The Highways Agency intends to equip an English motorway to test wireless charging of moving electric cars.

Static inductive charging experience to date in the UK involves test cars parking at existing plug-in stations in London and an electric bus service launched in January 2014 in Milton Keynes, where vehicles top up their overnight charge during drivers’ rest breaks.

The Highways Agency (HA) has yet to give details of the trial site or dates. But it has issued criteria for system adoption, which include:

– a life cycle comparable to that of asphalt (typically around 16 years)
– cost-effective maintenance
– resistance to vibration and weather
– efficient charge collection at high speeds

The HA will also be monitoring the semi-dynamic charging trial highlighted by Transport Scotland chief executive David Middleton at a Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation conference in March 2014. A halfway house between static and dynamic technologies, it will enable a hybrid bus to pick up charge from a series of modules installed under the road surface at strategic points along the route so it can run for long periods in fully electric mode.

A Transport Scotland spokesman explains that the approach “is likely to cause less disruption than, for example, installing dynamic charging along the length of a road”.

Source: Electric Vehicle News

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Electric Vehicle Charging

New cars registered last year in the UK collectively met a European target for CO2 emissions, according to a recent report by industry body SMMT.

In its New Car CO2 Report 2014, SMMT revealed that the average new car in the UK emits 128.3g/km CO2 – a 3.6% decrease over last year that passes the 2015 EU-wide fleet average target of 130g/km CO2. EU countries have targets to achieve average emissions of 95g/km of CO2 by 2020.


Registrations of alternatively-fuelled vehicles grew 17.6% to 32,731 in 2013, with 7.7% accounted for by pure-electric vehicles.

The growing choice models accounts for some of the increased sales – there are now three times as many hybrid models compared with three years ago. The government’s Go Ultra campaign seeks to capitalize and strengthen this growing awareness of low emission vehicles, (those producing less than 75g/km CO2).

If you are thinking of changing to a low emission vehicle, talk to the team at EValu8. We may have an incentive which saves you money!

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Electric Avenue

The UK’s first road of electric cars is set to go live.

The ‘My Electric Avenue’ project aims to test the impact upon electricity demand and network management when a large number of EVs are charged in the same street at the same time. This will help shape the electricity network of the future.

The project will test a new technology that will monitor and control the electricity demand from charging electric cars. The project is led by EA Technology and hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD).

My Electric Avenue aims to discover essential learning about managing the local electricity network as sales of cars with ‘plug-in’ capability continue to rise.

Marlow is the first of 11 sites to go live; eight more domestic clusters and two commercial locations are scheduled. Nine neighbours have taken delivery of their 100% electric Nissan LEAF cars. Charging point activity and driver experience will be gathered.

Whilst the technology trials are now fully subscribed, social trials are still available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Visit  to find out more.

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