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Keith's iPad 020

The first charging app will help drivers know the best rates ands times for charging their EVs at home.

The BMW Smart Charging App has been developed by the BMW Group. It is currently available to Electronauts… those who leased a BMW ActiveE as part of the first BMW i3 field trials in 2012.

It will be available to BMWi3 and BMWi8 customers in the United States next year.

The app will connect to a national energy rate database, allowing drivers to automate their charging planning and optimise costs.

“BMW is dedicated to improving the at-home charging experience for customers so they can best optimise their electric vehicles for daily use. The BMW Smart Charging App provides BMW i3 drivers with an easy-to-use app that is integrated with the vehicle,” said Julian Lienich, Project Lead, BMW Group to Pure Green Cars.

The BMW Smart Charging App will be integrated with the BMW I Remote App. This blend will allow drivers to use their smart phones to access details of vehicle temperature and status as well as charging times and related costs. Charging settings will also be adjusted and disabled remotely as needed.

Demand for the BMWi3 has already outstripped supply and glowing reviews have been written. This new technology will increase the appeal of driving this popular EV even more.

To talk about charging costs and options currently available, talk to EValu8.


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A Cornwall taxi company has clocked up 150,000 miles and more than 37,000 individual fares in its fleet of five Nissan LEAF taxis.

St Austell-based C&C Taxis has saved money and grown its business thanks to the EVs. In fact, its fuel bill has been slashed by an amazing £40,000 over the last year.


C&C Taxis owner, Michelle Williams told Next Green Car: “When we took our first LEAF a year ago we could never have imagined how successful it would have been. The fact we now have five and have hit the 150,000-mile mark says it all. Investing in the LEAF has probably been the best decision we’ve ever made as a company.”

“Our customers love them and most of the big hotels in the area now use us as their taxi company of choice, which has been a real coup. In fact, many of the hotels now ask guests who book a taxi whether they’d like an electric one and then specifically ask for a LEAF.”

The company has its own rapid charger which will charge the LEAF from zero to 80% in 30 minutes. As most journeys involving the LEAF cover a distance of up to 40 miles, charging is not a problem.

Read the full Next Green Car interview here. To discuss grants available for purchasing EV and/or charging points, talk to EValu8.

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FB James May

BBC Top Gear’s presenter James May is to buy an electric car: the BMW i3.

In an interview featured on the Radio 4 programme ‘You & Yours’ on 26th May, he spoke of his opinion that electric cars are a practical, realistic consideration for the first time.

“We’ve known for a long time that the electric motor is the ideal way to propel an electric car,” May said. “We’re discovering that there’s a different sort of pleasure in motoring in an electric car because of the smoothness, the silence.”

“I like the sensation of driving electric cars. They are slightly magical. They feel futuristic. They’re very quiet, obviously, and they’re very smooth” he added.

He sees the current, early stage of EV industry as important in shaping how the car will evolve. He has decided to buy an electric car and enthused about the BMWi3: “I think it’s funky. It’s quite roomy inside. I want to be part of the experiment that shapes the future of the car.”

The government’s £5,000 cash incentive to buy EVs has been extended until 2017. Talk to EValu8 about how you can be part of the EV community too.

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