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Coca Cola is introducing 140 XL hybrid vehicles, aiming for a 10% replacement level across its fleet.

The company will double the number of hybrid vans in its fleet by early 2015.

Its investment in vehicle conversion has increased the range of its vans a single tank of fuel by 20%.

The order of 140 converted vans will be delivered by spring 2015 taking the total number within the Coca Cola fleet to 243.

With a total fleet size of 3,600 vehicles, Coca Cola’s goal of a 10% replacement is an ambitious target. This new order shows that work has started and progress is being demonstrated.

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Communication with Electric Vehicles via cloud technology will optimise charging and improve the efficiency of power grids.

The new system will offer direct communication between utility companies and plug-in vehicles.

Signals can instruct an EV to suspend charging if the grid that it’s plugged into is becoming overloaded.

Last week, eight global care manufacturers including Ford and BMW were involved with the initial test of this technology in California. They are collaborating with the Electric Power Research Institute, key utilities companies and Sumitomo Electric.

EV drivers may choose whether they participate within this scheme. Typically, drivers would select a departure time when charging their cars. Paused charging may mean that the EV will not be fully charged by this departure time – if this is the case, charging will not be stopped.

If the departure time will not be disrupted, charging will be paused, saving power for the grid. In addition, the request to suspend charging may be refused by the driver.

Cloud technology will offer a two-way communication channel that can contact EVs direct, involving all participating manufacturers’ vehicles. Pure Green Cars also reports that financial incentives may be offered to EV drivers who are involved with the scheme.

This exciting development is at its initial test stage. Click here to see at the charging technologies currently available for today’s EVs.

If you have any queries, contact us at EValu8. We can help with financial incentives too.

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Researchers in Singapore have developed a revolutionary new battery with fastest ever charging time and an increased life span.

The super-fast charging batteries can gain a 70% charge in just two minutes.

They have an expected life span of 20 years; significantly longer than that of current lithium-ion batteries.


Battery life and charging time are two of the biggest obstacles to Electric Vehicle take-up. The achievement of the research team at Nanyang Technology University will overcome these concerns.

Battery replacement costs will be reduced and recharging EVs will take minutes – literally. The team uses a natural gel material instead of graphite to create the negative battery pole, reports Next Green Cars. The resulting material is 1,000 thinner than a human hair. This allows ultra-quick chemical reactions, creating super-fast charging.

There is no anticipated timescale for availability. An application for a Proof-of-Concept grant will be submitted, enabling a large-scale battery prototype to be constructed. Nevertheless, this is an exciting, market changing development.

“Electric cars will be able to increase their range dramatically, with just five minutes of charging, which is on par with the time needed to pump petrol for current cars,” said inventor Prof Chen. “Equally important, we can now drastically cut down the toxic waste generated by disposed batteries, since our batteries last ten times longer than the current generation of lithium-ion batteries.”

Current charging technology involves a fastest charging time of 30 minutes.

This new technological development has the potential to have a major impact upon the industry, influencing perception and take up enormously.

A range of incentives are available to help with current charging technology installation.

If you have any queries or would like to apply for these incentives, talk to the team at EValu8.

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How important is sustainability to the UK public?

Recent research conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Virgin sought the answer.

The findings confirm public opinion about sustainable transport, including which innovations they would most like to see developed during the next 20 years.

The most popular answer? Carbon-free commercial flights, (40%).

Take a look at some of the obstacles and innovations in people’s minds…

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