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Electric Vehicle Charging

A new leasing partnership has created a low cost, accessible solution for Electric Vehicle charging.

POD point and Tower Leasing have joined forces to offer businesses a three-year lease option. It is the first partnership of its kind in Europe.

For less than £50 per month, a POD Point charging unit will be installed and maintained for three years. The unit comes complete with immediate access to ‘Pay as you Go’ facilities.

The scheme offers businesses significant savings as purchasing the same terms and unit would normally cost £1,000 plus VAT.

It is hoped that this scheme will encourage more businesses to get involved with Electric Vehicle charging. As well as boosting sustainability credentials, there is significant potential for recruitment and revenue benefits. In addition, public charging points will be visible on the national charge point map.

The partnership envisages that it will take just two days to cover rental and energy costs. ‘Host’ businesses have options to offer employees free ‘fuel’ whilst they park at work and recharge their EVs. Retailers can expect even more benefits and dwell time with average spend are likely to increase during charging visits.

Erik Fairbairn, CEO of POD Point said: “POD Point is moving EV charging into the mass market. We are on a mission to make sure there are 100,000 POD Points across the country by 2020, and innovative commercial models such as our lease scheme are instrumental in allowing us to reach this goal.”

Are you thinking of installing a charging point at your premises? Talk to the team at EValu8. We can advise you of the incentives available and help you to implement your plans.

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The UK Government is committed to changing in the way we power our motor vehicles. Its vision is that by 2050, almost every car and van in the UK will be an ultra-low emission vehicle.

The £500 million investment announced in May this year involved a variety of projects to establish the UK as one of the most EV-friendly countries in Europe.


Further details of the ‘Ultra Low City Status’ project have been announced. Local areas are invited and encouraged to create plans to become an ‘Ultra Low City’. Up to four of the most ambitious, deliverable and measurable plans will win a share of £35 million investment.

This is an opportunity to access extra funds whilst also delivering enduring, positive change for your local area. (It doesn’t need to have official ‘city’ status.) If you are interested in bidding, EValu8 is available to help you.

The scheme is open to organisations throughout the UK with the process involving three key stages:

  1. Notice of application
  2. Screening
  3. Final application

The first stage is now underway, with organisations encouraged to register their interest in developing a bid for funding by 31st December.

Whilst the timescale is tight, the information required is straightforward. It involves:

Project lead details – local authority and named contact

Other organisations associated with the bid

Confirmation of interest in taking part in the scheme – and its full bidding process

EValu8 is available to help with this process, utilising our expertise in transport planning and knowledge of the sustainable transport sector.

For more details and an informal discussion, contact us. Together, we could help achieve funding to help your local area and promote the use of ultra-low emission vehicles.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 15.21.24

France is to invest in a charging network which will ensure that no-one in France will be more than 40km away from a charging station.

The project will receive an investment 150 million euros from French industrial organisation Bolloré. A network of 16,000 public charging points will be installed over the next four years.


French Economy and Finance Minister Emmanuel Macon said: Through a private initiative with public support, we are accelerating our route towards having a truly national network of electric car charging points.”

The news comes along with French Prime Minister Manuel Valls’ statement that France intends to phase out the use of diesel fuel for private passenger transport – despite 80% of French cars using diesel fuel. He said “In France, we have long favoured the diesel engine. This was a mistake, and we will progressively undo that, intelligently and pragmatically.

If you think that now is the time for you to consider driving an Electric vehicle, talk to the team at EValu8. We have advice and information available for you as well as details of financial incentives that you may be eligible for.

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A £40 million programme to test driverless cars has been jointly funded by the UK government and private industry.

Catapult System Catapult reports that three self-driving vehicles will be trialed on footpaths in Milton Keynes in 2015.


The “Introducing driverless cars to UK roads” competition was launched in July by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, as a result of the interest in pioneering projects such as the LUTZ Pathfinder driverless pods programme.

Initially involving £10 million funding, The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement pledged a further £9 million injection with private investors brining the total to £40 million.

“The Transport Systems Catapult was created to champion Intelligent Mobility and to drive major investment in new technologies that can position the UK as global leaders in this field,” Transport Systems Catapult CEO Steve Yianni said, following the 3rd December announcement.

“It is testament to our success in getting that message across, that we have now seen the planned investment in driverless vehicle technology quadrupling in just over four months since Innovate UK launched the competition.”

The partners in the ‘UK Autodrive’ consortium are Arup, Milton Keynes Council, Coventry Council, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford Motor Company, Tata Motors European Technical Centre, RDM Group, MIRA, Thales (UK), Oxbotica, AXA, international law firm Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co, the Transport Systems Catapult, the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and the Open University.


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Source East and green energy uk partnership

The Rapid Charge Network project is the development of a multi-standard, rapid charge network for electric vehicles across the UK and Ireland. The project brings together the four major manufacturers – Nissan, BMW, Renault and VW – to provide easy charging for EV drivers.

The project is also a vital real-life study of the impact that a network of rapid charge points can have on electric vehicle drivers now and in the future. We are therefore looking for electric vehicle drivers to take part in the study and provide us with your views on both driving and charging. You will live within 30 miles of the new Rapid Charge Network route and drive an electric vehicle regularly – whether this is your own personal car or part of a company fleet.

Drivers will be asked to take part in a number of different ways – either through completing a questionnaire 2 – 3 times throughout the next 12 months, by taking part in a focus group, providing us access to your electronic car data (for example through Carwings) or even by having a data logger installed into your car. A financial incentive is available for those willing to take part in the data logger trials. The data loggers and data from the cars will provide the project with specific charging and driving data from your vehicle so we can monitor how your charging patterns change when the network is developed.

This will be a high profile trial, working with major fleets across the UK and market leading vehicle manufactures.  The data will be analysed by Newcastle University, and those involved in the trial will provide us with vital insight which will help shape EV charging networks in the future, both in the UK and across Europe.

I hope that you will be interested in joining the RCN project, and taking part in the trial.  To register your interest please complete the following questionnaire

We would appreciate it if you would also pass this on to any EV networks that you work with.

Kind regards,


Gilly Durkin

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Keith's iPad 020

DriveNow car sharing is to be launched in London in spring 2015.

The scheme run jointly by BMW Group and Sixt SE offers spontaneous car hire with every journey charged to the exact minute. London driving will cost 39p per minute and a maximum ‘cap’ of £20 charge will be in place for any one journey.


Initially 210 vehicles will be available, comprising of 210 BMW 1 series and MINI countryman vehicles. DriveNow intends to add 30 all-electric BMW i3 cars to the fleet. Pure Green cars reports that the fleet size will grow to 300 vehicles during 2015.

The area covered is 25 square miles in size, encompassing Islington, Haringey and Hackney boroughs, with a intention of expansion.

The registration fee will be £29 and hourly-based packages will be available, each with an incentive of some free miles included. DriveNow’s London serviced will also include fuel, road tax, insurance and parking.

DriveNow already has 360,000 customers across five cities where similar schemes are operated.

If this is of interest and you would know more about driving Electric Vehicles, please contact the team at EValu8. We’re here to help.

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Renault UK is to offer flexible ownership packages to people buying the ZOE and Kangoo Van ZE models.

These popular Electric Vehicles will now come with the option of buying or leasing the EV’s battery. This development is intended to make the vehicles more accessible to drivers.

The vehicles will remain identical, regardless of the purchase option chosen. The only difference is the inclusion of an ‘i’ badge on the tailgate of vehicles purchased with full ownership of the battery. This will enable easy identification within the used vehicle market.

An average saving of £5,000 on the purchase price is available throughout the ZOE and Kangoo Van ZE ranges if the battery is leased rather than owned.

Monthly lease costs start at £25 per month, over a three year period. Battery hire also includes an attractive Lifetime Performance Guarantee and roadside recovery scheme, (if drivers run out of charge away from a charging point).

Even more savings can be offered if either vehicle is bought through the Government’s Plug-In Car Grant. Contact EValu8 for details.


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