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We understand the environmental benefits of driving Electric Vehicles. But how successful have advertisers been in conveying the practicalities of green driving?

Switching to Electric Vehicles is often viewed as a lifestyle choice for people with a green agenda.

In reality, EVs now offer a practical alternative to many drivers alongside – rather than because of – environmental benefits.


It’s important that manufacturers covey the everyday issues involved with EVs. Experience has shown us that environmental benefits are important to many people – however it’s the cost and convenience of EVs that determine whether people are prepared to change.

This ‘real world’ approach is demonstrated clearly by the changes to Nissan’s adverts for its market-leading LEAF.

When the LEAF was initially launched in 2010, its ’Innovation For All’ campaign clearly focused on the environment, with a polar bear in the starring role:

Fast-forward to 2014 and the LEAF’s new advert ‘Silent Ride’ demonstrates an Electric Vehicle that is “100% electric, 100% silent, 100% exciting”:

Many drivers don’t realise that Electric Vehicles can offer a practical, realistic driving choice. To reach these people and encourage them to consider driving ‘green’, it’s important that the ‘real world’ advantages of EVs are demonstrated. The change in the focus of Nissan’s adverts shows that manufacturers recognise that promoting Electric Vehicles needs to show how these cars perform and meet the needs of drivers rather than purely concentrating upon an environmental angle.

If you are thinking about switching to an Electric Vehicle and would like to discuss the incentives and options available, talk to the team at EValu8. Switching is easier than you may think!

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£5 million of government funding has been announced for public sector organisations to introduce Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, (ULEVs) into their fleets.

This second phase of funding (the first was announced in August 2014) is open to the wider public sector. Last week, up to 35 organisations were invited to bid. These included the police, fire services and the NHS.

Successful bidders will be offered a fully funded fleet review to identify how to introduce greener vehicles. The funding is intended to help introduce ULEVs into central government fleets.

The first phase will result in around 150 vehicles entering government department fleets from next month. This new, second phase is expected to result in over 200 plug-in and hybrid vehicles introduced to other public sector organisations.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said: “We want the public sector to lead by example. This £5 million investment will see a significant increase in the number of plug-in vehicles used by public bodies such as local authorities, police forces and the NHS and help both the environment and the economy. I look forward to seeing the results.”

ULEVs are seen as a major growth area within the UK economy, supported by a quadrupling of ULEV sales during 2014.

If you would like to review options for your fleet, or would like to know about the funding incentives available for Electric Vehicles and charging points, talk to the team at EValu8.

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With an unprecedented choice of Electric Vehicles and rocketing sales during 2014, what can we expect from the EV market in 2015?

Nissan remains the market leader thanks to its star performer, the LEAF. During 2014, 14, 658 registrations were recorded in Europe giving Nissan 26% market share.

Having dominated the European market, does Nissan need to start looking over its shoulder? Renault is catching up fast – its ZOE sold 11,227 units in Europe during 2014 with market share rising to 20%. The new battery options available from Renault could help attract those wanting green driving on a budget.

But what about 2015?

The year ahead will see the launch of even more EV models. VW has started the year in style, launching the Golf GTE with a blaze of publicity and the promise that this model will be available at every dealership. (Read the What Car review.)

Next Green Car’s top ten highlights for 2015 low emission launches is:

  1. VW Twin-Up! (plug in hybrid)
  2. Smart Fortwo (petrol)
  3. Skoda Fabia (diesel)
  4. Kia Soul (electric)
  5. Mazda Skyactiv-D (diesel)
  6. Mercedes-Benz B-Class (electric)
  7. VW Passat GTE (hybrid)
  8. Volvo XC90 (hybrid)
  9. Toyota Mirai FCV (hydrogen)
  10. Tesla Model X (electric)

An interesting range! Full details are here.

Many models are expected to be available in time for the new registration plate in March.

There’s little doubt that EVs are becoming more popular, with the government’s £5,000 grant helping to make the affordable choices.

Are you thinking of driving green? Talk to the team at EValu8 – we can help with information and advice.

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Source East and green energy uk partnership

Almost 52,000 alternatively fuelled vehicles, (AFVs) were registered last year according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. This figure includes hybrid and pure electric cars. It shows a 58% rise, year on year.

The Guardian reports that sales of plug-in cars increased from 3,586 in 2013 to 14,498 in 2014, with over 20 plug-in models on the market. Indeed, each of the 10 best-selling car brands in the UK now offers an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle, (ULEV). In 2011, there were just six models.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders explained: “The year was particularly strong for alternatively fuelled vehicles as increased choice, coupled with a growing desire for reduced costs and greater efficiency, resulted in a quadrupling of plug-in car registrations over 2013.”

He added: “With a variety of new plug-in models expected in 2015, this area of the market will continue to grow significantly. For the market as a whole, we expect a more stable 2015 as demand levels off.”

Choice is undoubtedly one contributory factor. Incentive is another.

The government intends the UK to be the global leader in developing, manufacturing and using ULEVs. It aims for every new car registration to fall within this category of vehicle by 2040.

To achieve this take-up, two aspects of driving Electric Vehicles need to be addressed: cost and confidence.

The government’s ‘Go Ultra Low’ campaign has raised awareness and offered assistance when it comes to switching to driving ‘green’.

Nick Clegg launched Go Ultra Low early last year, announcing a £500 million investment in the UK’s Electric vehicle market during 2015, (see our news item).

He said: “The extremely low running costs of these cars help drivers save money. Electric cars are one of the most promising of our green industries and we want to secure the UK’s position as a global leader in both the production and adoption of these vehicles.”

To find out more about the incentives and choices available when switching to an ULEV, talk to the team at EValu8.


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