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Firstly, some food for thought… do you really need to buy a car? If you don’t travel often or long distances you may not need to buy a car. Other types of transport could be just as convenient and could save you money. Car clubs, car sharing and public transport may be realistic options to consider.

If you definitely need to buy a car, always think about fuel efficiency.  Buying the most fuel efficient car in its class could save you up to three months’ worth of fuel per year. More efficient cars use less fuel, pay less car tax and emit lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

The fuel economy of similar sized cars using the same type of fuel can vary by as much as 45%. Even different versions of the same model can be different, so check the fuel economy label. Also, the more efficient the car is, the less road tax you will pay.

Consider cars that user greener fuels, such as electricity, bio-fuels and LPG. A Plug-In Car Grant is available to help with the cosy of buying eligible cars that run on certain greener fuels. Contact us for details – we can help with transport planning and provide the latest information on grants.


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