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We understand the environmental benefits of driving Electric Vehicles. But how successful have advertisers been in conveying the practicalities of green driving?

Switching to Electric Vehicles is often viewed as a lifestyle choice for people with a green agenda.

In reality, EVs now offer a practical alternative to many drivers alongside – rather than because of – environmental benefits.


It’s important that manufacturers covey the everyday issues involved with EVs. Experience has shown us that environmental benefits are important to many people – however it’s the cost and convenience of EVs that determine whether people are prepared to change.

This ‘real world’ approach is demonstrated clearly by the changes to Nissan’s adverts for its market-leading LEAF.

When the LEAF was initially launched in 2010, its ’Innovation For All’ campaign clearly focused on the environment, with a polar bear in the starring role:

Fast-forward to 2014 and the LEAF’s new advert ‘Silent Ride’ demonstrates an Electric Vehicle that is “100% electric, 100% silent, 100% exciting”:

Many drivers don’t realise that Electric Vehicles can offer a practical, realistic driving choice. To reach these people and encourage them to consider driving ‘green’, it’s important that the ‘real world’ advantages of EVs are demonstrated. The change in the focus of Nissan’s adverts shows that manufacturers recognise that promoting Electric Vehicles needs to show how these cars perform and meet the needs of drivers rather than purely concentrating upon an environmental angle.

If you are thinking about switching to an Electric Vehicle and would like to discuss the incentives and options available, talk to the team at EValu8. Switching is easier than you may think!

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