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Nissan representatives have been highlighting how Electric Vehicles have played an important role in disaster situations.

A recent UN conference on Disaster Risk Reduction heard how Nissan’s EVs have already provided valuable assistance in areas affected by earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Nissan’s own factories and dealers were affected – they and other Japanese car manufacturers offered much-needed support.

When natural disasters strike, electricity is almost always the first service restored. This is achieved far more quickly than petrol supplies can be reinstated.

Inside EVs reports how Nissan LEAFs were used in Japan after an earthquake in 2011. The EVs became mobile medics, transferring supplies to patients and clinics whose petrol supplies had run out. The LEAFs also worked alongside traditional vehicles with other rescue efforts.

Typically, the area experienced power blackouts – however these were mostly during the day when the EVs were on the road. Overnight, they recharged, ready for another day’s rescue efforts.

Nissan LEAFs were also used to provide light, charge mobile phones and keep radios on.

In America, EVs proved to be essential transport in the aftermath of super storm Sandy as petrol became increasingly scarce.

There’s more information about the role of EV’s in disaster recovery in Nissan’s video below:

So – EVs are incredibly versatile as well as being cost effective and sustainable. Are you thinking of driving green? Talk to the team at EValu8 – we can help with sustainable transport planning, advice and incentives. We’re here to help.

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