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The take-up of Electric Vehicles across Europe will offer communities benefits far greater than the sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility. A consortium of transport sector stakeholders has published a research report which confirms that greater EV market penetration would offer Europe:

– Jobs creation due to increased spending on vehicle technology and spending diverted from imported fossil fuels. By 2050, jobs increase by 1.9 million to 2.3 million in all low-carbon scenarios examined.

– The fuel bill for Europe’s car and van fleet is reduced by €58 – 83 billion in 2030 by a shift to low-carbon vehicles and by €115 – 180 billion in 2050. (excluding taxes and duties)

– CO2 is also cut by between 64% and 97% by 2050. Air quality is significantly improved, with emissions of health-damaging particulates down by 73 – 95% by 2050.

Demand is reduced for a small fraction of auto sector professions, and some skill shortages also emerge during the transition.

The pace of change is likely to allow time for the development of the relevant new skills in Europe, if industry, governments and academic institutions start planning now.

See more details from Car21 here – members may download the full report. Are you interested in driving an EV, or have a great idea which involves low carbon transport? The EValu8 team can help with current information and access to funding. Please contact us. We’re here to help.


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