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We’re on the brink of a huge growth in the number fast-charging stations for EVs.

The length of time it takes to recharge an Electric Vehicle is one of the major reasons hindering the widespread adoption of EVs, emphasised by Alastair Hayfield of IHS Automotive.

“Compared to the time it takes to refuel an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, the recharge time for EVs is incredibly slow” Alastair explains. “If EV auto manufacturers could overcome this obstacle, it could lead to a high rate of adoption from environmentally minded consumers as well as those seeking to cut gasoline expenses. That’s where fast charging comes in.”

Total fast-charging stations for EVs are set to reach 199,000 locations globally in 2020, up from just 1,800 in 2012, reported by Electric Vehicle News. The number of these stations, meanwhile, is anticipated to rise more than threefold in 2013 to 5,900 and then nearly triple to 15,200 in 2014. Overall growth will continue at a rapid pace through 2020.

With faster charging and a growing range of impressive EV models to choose from, driving green is worthy of serious consideration. Funding grants are available to save up to 75% saving on charging point purchase. Talk to EValu8 to find out how we can save you money and start your EV journey.

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