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When it comes to new cars, technology has become as important as manufacturing.

In fact, car-making companies have become increasingly reliant upon technology partnerships.

The reality of driverless cars, automated vehicle charging and connected software is upon us. How will this affect the traditional make up of the car industry?

According to Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, technology companies such as Google have the potential to disrupt rather than dominate the car manufacturing industry. (Google launched its own self-driving car last year.)

In an article by Automotive News, Zetsche said: “Google and the likes want to get involved, I don’t think in the first place to build vehicles. We have to understand that, and then to find our roles, to which extent they are complementary, to which extent we become dependent, to which extent we are competitors.”

This is illustrated by the issue of controlling data collected from cars, including self-driving vehicles. Zetsche explains: “When we talk about high safety with Mercedes, it does not apply specifically for protection from accidents, but this means safety of their personal data as well. To be able to provide that, we have to keep control, and we can’t do that when it is collected by Google.”

As technology plays an increasingly larger role within car manufacturing this dilemma will have to be addressed. It seems that the car industry will have to develop secure collaboration alongside connectivity and capability.

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