Posts have been strategically located to account for likely demand. Likely locations include:

    • On street (roadside)
    • Council owned car parks
    • Multi-storey car parks
    • Sustainable transport “hubs” (bus/train/park and ride sites)
    • Leisure and tourism sites (including hotels, heritage sites and popular destinations)
    • Supermarkets and retail outlets
    • Hospitals
    • Airports
    • Park and Ride facilities
    • Company car parks
    • Railway stations
    • Transport hubs
    • Business parks
    • New build residential and commercial properties

Site selection should consider a number of factors including visibility, high potential utilisation and ease of installation for the post to two potential adjacent car parking bays.

The majority of the charging points need to be publically accessible. Within company car parks this means providing access to visitors to the site, although they can still be located within secured areas of the car park.

Through their generous sponsorship Green Energy UK have covered the cost of electricity for the duration of the 2 year scheme. 

OLEV funding is available for successful bidders up to a maximum of 50%. This covers the combined installation and purchase costs of the hardware. Match funding is required and can be from a number of sources:

    • Innovative funding options including a potential regional Public Private Procurement (PPP) scheme
    • Local Transport Plan (LTP3) funding
    • Amortized public sector loan from the public body’s preferred loan body
    • Section 106 funding to encourage EV installations in new developments
    • Linked initiatives, such as the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund, which has challenged local transport authorities outside London to develop packages of measures that support economic growth and reduce carbon in their communities as well as delivering cleaner environments, improved safety and increased levels of physical activity. Click here for more information.
    • Commercial sponsorship
    • As part of a roadside metered parking scheme which charges motorists to park. EV owners should not be discriminated against by charging EV users when conventional vehicles are normally free in the same location.

Installation can be staged over the first 18 months duration of the EValu8 programme Matched funded contributions will be payable to EValu8 Ltd at the time that the post is ordered It should be noted that the resale of electricity is not permitted as a license would be required to perform this task

    • Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): adopt low carbon transport as part of a CSR programme
    • Workplace installations: install charging points as part of the company’s initiative towards low carbon transport use
    • Installation sponsorship: both public and private sector opportunities
    • Fleet and company cars: although difficult to commit to vehicle fleet replacement, a number of pure EVs are available now and increasing numbers are arriving on the market. There are significant incentives for the company car or fleet user including:
    • Zero Vehicle excise duty
    • Zero rated benefit in kind for company car user
    • Tax incentives for outright vehicle purchase

It is intended to provide a limited number of grants of £75 towards the total estimated cost of £150 for the installation of the basic electrical infrastructure in new build domestic dwellings. The match fund element contribution will need to be contributed by the property developer. This grant will be reserved for Eco-build developments.

EValu8 will manage a supply framework for the purchase of charging infrastructure in line with the terms and conditions of OLEV funding compliance. This will involve technical due diligence and a public procurement process.  We are seeking commitment in 3 main areas, with public and private sector partners being asked to commit to:

  1. Provide 50% match funding to install charging posts. We need to know the number of charging points you would like to install, and the postcode of the preferred installation (this can change, but the indication is required). A double-headed, intelligent, fully installed charging point costs £5,000-£7,000, of which half would be funding by OLEV. So the cost to an organisation would be £2,500 – £3,500 for 2 charging points (we do not currently recommend single charging points, as the installation process is expensive).
  2. Purchase, lease or rent electric vehicles, including electric cars, bicycles, scooters and commercial vehicles
  3. Provide communication, education and awareness raising to help build the local market for electric vehicle

The host is responsible for maintenance, data charges, IT support and insurance coverage. All posts are monitored remotely as part of the back office network and can be isolated if a fault occurs. A brief 6 monthly 30 minute service is required. As part of the Plugged in Places programme, data is collected on the use of the post and the amount of electricity consumed. The combined cost including GPRS communications is £120 per year.

The warranty covers the initial two years. Where a host wants added security and opts for a five year warranty, the combined running cost is £180 per year.

    • The technical team from EValu8 Ltd will complete a site survey, including an electrical test
    • A matrix has been developed to choose the most suitable specific location (including easeof connection, grid infrastructure, cost of installation, proximity of electricity supply, visibility of post and parking layout)
    • Once the specific location has been identified and agreed, the technical team will begin installation and civil engineering work on site to install all underground ducts required, and the base of the post(s)
    • The post will be drawn down from the EValu8 supply stock, and an EValu8 accredited technical team will install it
    • Local authorities will be responsible for obtaining the relevant public work warrants and planning permission where in very specific situations this is required
    • The relevant Distributed Network Operator (DNO) will make the connection and the post will go live. This element of the process can take up to 2 weeks.

Charging posts do not need planning permission, except in very specific situations which include proximity to listed buildings, or the installation of large photovoltaic canopy charging posts.

The Department for Transport has approved a sign for electric charging posts, which will be installed next to all of the EValu8 charging posts.

If the parking bay next to a charging post needs to be reserved for only plug in hybrid or extended range electric vehicles, and this involves a change in the use of the land, a Traffic Regulation Order will have to be submitted. This will vary from local authority to local authority, and the Evalu8 Ltd team will work with the relevant planning team to ease the process.

Posts installed off road (e.g. in company car park) may also install information boards – with content provided by Evalu8 Ltd on how to charge, contact numbers etc. Evalu8 Ltd will work with the relevant local authority with regards to information boards in on street locations.

The EValu8 project cannot retrospectively fund installations installed prior to any OLEV award, or those posts not under contract with the EValu8 project. To be eligible for match funding, all posts must be allocated via the EValu8 supply framework.

Should the East of England be successful in its funding application to OLEV, charging post hosts and sponsors will be expected to sign a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the delivery company prior to infrastructure grants being awarded. The programme duration is expected to be a minimum term of 2 years from 1st April 2011. Reasonable cancellation costs may be incurred, if the host wishes to withdraw from the scheme prior to the full programme term being expended.

Post hosts will be expected to cover the charging posts with respect to public liability and damage.
information about agreements please continue to the Post Grant Agreement FAQ’s.

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