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A new, carbon-based battery has been developed by Japanese company Power Japan Plus.

With production planned for later this year, the Ryden dual carbon battery will charge twenty times faster than a lithium ion battery. It offers a much longer functional lifetime with drastically improved safety and sustainability reports EV News.


“Power Japan Plus is a materials engineer for a new class of carbon material that balances economics, performance and sustainability in a world of constrained resources,” said Dou Kani, CEO of Power Japan Plus. “The Ryden dual carbon battery is the energy storage breakthrough needed to bring green technology like electric vehicles to mass market.”

The Ryden battery offers a potent mix of advantages not previously available:

- Performance – more powerful and faster charging than other batteries

- Safety - this is the safest high performance battery ever developed

- Sustainable – the Ryden battery is fully sustainable and 100% recyclable

- Reliable – rated for more than 3000 charge/discharge cycles. This battery can be fully charged and discharged without damaging the battery.

- Cost Effective – no changes will be required to existing manufacturing lines

“Current advanced batteries have made great improvement on performance, but have done so by compromising on cost, reliability and safety,” said Dr. Kaname Takeya, CTO of Power Japan Plus. “The Ryden dual carbon battery balances this equation, excelling in each category.”

For the Electric Vehicle industry, Power Japan Plus will operate under a licensing business model, providing technology and expertise to existing battery manufacturers to produce the Ryden battery.

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