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The 11th annual design competition of the Los Angeles Auto Show will explore ‘Sensing the Future: How Will Cars Interact With us in 2029?’

Car design studios have been challenged to explore a car interior – or part of an interior that emotionally, comfortably and safely connects the driver and/or passenger with the car in 2029.


The 2014 Design Challenge is part of this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show (21 – 30 November). It intends to push design teams to think of new instruments and knowledge. Pure Green Cars reports that the global manufacturers competing in the challenge are: Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Peterbit and Qoros.

Factors influencing how entries are judged include:

  • - Comfort
  • - Attention to human sense and emotional connection
  • - Ecological sensitivity
  • - Creativity of concept
  • - Control
  • - Function of concept
  • - Reflection of brand

Entries are futuristic and exciting yet realistic:

Acura – an exterior and interior shell, connected through a modular adjustable mesh material that can flex to custom fit a passenger’s preferences.

Honda –the CARpet concept offers seamless and uninterrupted space with the freedom to change its shape to accommodate each user. The Honda ball provides users a calm interface that responds to voice, touch and gesture commands for human-to-vehicle communication.

Infiniti – a brand new universal fuselage pod that can transform into three vehicle types. This vehicle will be used for the brand’s unique triathlon competition, the A.R.C. race (Air, Rally, Circuit).

Peterbit – explores and illustrates how human-to-machine interfaces will be transformed by vehicles operating symbiotically. The spaces and interfaces of a vehicle in “pilot mode” will be purpose-driven to enhance energy efficiency, reduced accidents, traffic and prevent overall wear and tear.

Qoros – the vehicle will become an intelligent, multi-dimensional personal management assistant, learning from the user via the five senses, (e.g. favourite restaurants, places regularly frequented, music preferences). The car is designed to maximise safety by identifying when the user is acting irresponsibly and quickly switching to automated driving mode.

The winner will be announced at this month’s show – watch this space!

20th November: NEWS UPDATE... the winner is… Honda’s CARpet. Congratulations!


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